HS VHF Radio Channels

NOTE: This information is out of date. Only W-L is still known to use and monitor channel 69.

During the HS rowing seasons many of the teams use marine band VHF radios to communicate. In an emergency other schools can be contacted for assistance. Below are the marine band radio channels that some of the area high school teams monitor during the their season. By Coast Guard rules, only channels 68-72 & 78 are to be used for general communication. Channel 16 is the emergency distress signal to summon help from the DC Metropolitan Police Harbor Patrol Unit, or the USCG.

In general, usage of the channels should be kept to a minimum. Please do not use these channels for communication with your coxswains! Please restrict such activities to Family Band radios.

School Channel
Holton-Arms 72
Yorktown 71
Walt Whitman 88
Wilson 73
W-L 69